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Payment Refund Policy

Any damages are to be reported at the time of delivery via a pictorial image as proof. Additionally, any damage also needs to be reported on the courier company’s receipt slip as proof. All refund claims have to strictly follow these two proof procedures. In the event of any one proof missing, Bruijn will not be liable for any refund.
All items sold by Bruijn are of a perishable nature and once delivered cannot be returned. In the event that a damaged parcel is delivered to customer and the same is verified by us, a replacement can only be sent in case the customer has abided by the rules mentioned above. Bruijn is not liable for any damages reported after the parcel has been received.
In case we do agree to send a replacement, it will be of the exact same product and not of any other product desired by the customer.
Bruijn will not consider the orders for which the customer is charged on the website but for which the transaction does not come through until the customer has paid so successfully after being notified.
Bruijn is also not liable for refunds claimed by the customer for any product that is stored poorly after delivery, in direct sunlight or temperatures above 24 degrees Celsius.